Choosing a Name for Your Puppy

Picking the right name for your puppy may become a difficult job. Once you get to name your puppy that means you’ve reached the first stage of owning a dog. Choosing the perfect name for your canine best friend isn’t easy.

Here are just a few tips on how to choose a name for your puppy.

No to Long Names

Giving a long or complicated name to your puppy may prove to be unwise since your puppy won’t easily recognize it. Stick to shorter names that are easy to recognize like Max or Sam.

Don’t Make it Sound Like a Command

Naming your puppy like “Chit” or “Fletch” may confuse your puppy since they sound like commands. Dogs don’t really understand the word but they understand what it sounds like. This may add confusion if you’re training your dog and teaching commands so better choose a different name.

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Be Creative

When it comes to your puppy’s name, you can exercise your creativity. Look at the different names and choose something that’s easily recognizable for your puppy but sounds unique as well. Naming your dog “Zeus” or “Lightning” is kind of cool, right?”

Look at Your Dog’s Appearance

It’s common to name your puppy basing on his/her appearance. Look at her coat. What color is it? You can give names like “Brownie” or “Snow” to dog.

Naming from Your Dog’s Personality

You can also name your puppy based on his/her personality. Names like “Cuddles” or “Honey” are quite nice for your dog. click here for more…

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