One of the biggest questions today is “how to lose weight fast and easy”. With all the hype about obese people and health concerns a lot of people are now looking to lose weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

To lose weight fast and easy is another issue. It more than likely took a long time to put the weight on and so will no doubt take a long time to take it off. However, her are a few tips which you can start with immediately to begin shedding those unwanted pounds. Here’s the list of best ways to lose weight effectively.

1. Water is your friend, drink lots of it, at least eight glasses of a day. Water will help you efficiently lose weight in a effective manner.

2. Put less food on your plate at a single sitting. Don’t overeat, instead try eat more frequently throughout the day. Keep your portion size small.

3. Walk as much as you can. If you have a pet walk him or her frequently. When going shopping, park far way so you have to walk further to get to the store.

4. Eat more vegetables with your meal. Most vegetables contain a lot of water and will go a long way to reduce your overall calorie consumption.

5. Avoid eating out, opting to eat at home more often. When eating out you are more inclined to eat more foods that are high in fat and in calories.

6. Eat raw fruit rather than drinking the fruit juices. Fruit juices are high in calories and the food itself will keep your hunger satisfied much longer.

7. When you are at work or even at home watching television, get up and walk around every 2 hours. This will help your body to wake up and burn additional calories.

These are just seven tips to help you answer the question how to lose weight fast and easy, there are many more steps you can take to lose weight fast and easy, you just have to use common sense, exercise and change your eating habits. Discover more ..

Written by: nyabwari27

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