About Us

Casino games which are live streamed. It’s a real-time game with no data involved but with real casino dealers handling the cards. It’s simple like playing casino on the table but you’re playing on live streamed on your monitor only. You can only communicate with the casino dealer by a text or a command button. One of the best examples for this is the lottery or sweepstakes. They play on a certain time with host/dealers and everyone will just wait for their luck. But what makes it the best is that its real time. This type of online game is used usually for online casino pubs. And it’s in real time. So you’ll don’t have anything at the back of your mind. The real-time is much better than with data ones.

Nevertheless, everything is tried and tested before being released to the public so don’t worry that much if you lose on online games. You lose too on traditional Casinos too, what more to the virtual ones. Like we always say, better luck next time.